ARC Group of New York

Where Accurate, Reliable, and Competent minds come together to facilitate computer security and private investigations to protect your company!

Computer ForensicsIncident Response

When an unexpected cyber-crisis occurs, our ARC Incident Response professionals are well prepared to protect your intellectual property, secure sensitive information, stabilize your service operations, and minimize exposure. Our team adheres to a proven strategy for collecting key evidence and containing attacks before they escalate. ARC resolves issues and produces the outcomes your enterprise relies on for business success.

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Computer ForensicsLitigation Support

The ARC Litigation Support strategy begins with a discovery phase by our experienced team to collect and assess pertinent data to prepare you for court. After careful processing and assessment using leading technology, the case moves to an automated review phase. Our forensics management skills allow us to work with clients through every phase of the process. At ARC, our litigation support strategy produces proven results, as seen in hundreds of resolved cases and satisfied clients.

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Computer ForensicsComputer Forensics

At ARC, we are unmatched in our ability to analyze your data and perform a comprehensive investigation for your case. Our computer forensics experts have the knowledge and tools to acquire and preserve digital evidence from most devices. We respond quickly, and we produce relevant evidence and accurate reporting. At ARC, we achieve trusted cyber forensics results designed for whatever unique courtroom scenario your company may face.

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Prodiscover SolutionsProDiscover® Solutions

ARC is the sole distributor for state-of-the-art software, ProDiscover®. We provide you with the autonomy you need for data discovery and incident response. If you are involved in a legal proceeding, ARC has the tools to produce evidence or preserve pertinent data. We rely on ProDiscover to manage intrusions, corruptions, policy violations, or other threatening security issues. The ARC ProDiscover solutions use next-generation technology to prepare your enterprise for the unknown.

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Ochsner Health System has grown to over 40 remote clinics and 9 hospitals, comprising close to 20 thousand end-points. With an enterprise this size, scalability was a big... (more)Mark Maher (Information Security Officer, Ochsner Health Systems)
For more than 10 years we have worked with ARC in national and global investigations and litigation to assist our Fortune 500 clients in the investigation of computer... (more) A. Ryan McGuigan, Esq. (Equity partner at Rome McGuigan P.C.- Hartford CT)