ProDiscover® Version 9 Introduces ARC’s Connect Collect Protect™ Process

Developed by the founder of The ARC Group of New York, Connect Collect Protect™ is a new computer incident response patent pending process. This process is based on years of actual incident response work and techniques used in the field to handle some of the world’s biggest and most complex cyber incidents. This patent-pending technology is designed to consolidate tools and reduce workforce while preserving data integrity. From initiation to remediation, each step of the operation is recorded in a manner that acts as a legal system-of-record while evidence is collected using industry-best practices.

In order to bring this revolutionary technology to market, the ARC Group has chosen ProDiscover®, a powerful forensics tool in its own right, as the vehicle for delivery to incident response practitioners. The ARC Group, sole source and worldwide distributor of this new product line, ProDiscover, unveiled ProDiscover’s new features in June 2014. The ProDiscover product line is positioned to be the next generation cyber tool for system administrators and computer forensics investigators alike. Incident responders will seamlessly handle cyber incidents from initiation to remediation with outstanding results.

We are pleased to announce that the ProDiscover family has a new home. It will be incorporated into a new Product.

For those customers who have active subscriptions, we will continue to support ProDiscover until your subscription expires.