ProDiscover® Forensic Edition

The ARC Group’s next-generation solution to cyber crime is backed by industry-leader, ProDiscover®. The cutting-edge features in the latest version of ProDiscover Forensic edition exceed industry standards for proactive computer forensics, and the ARC Group stands behind this proven software. ProDiscover Forensic is a powerful computer security tool that enables computer professionals to locate all of the data on a computer disk and at the same time protect evidence and create quality evidentiary reports for use in legal proceedings. By using industry-best practices and a least-destructive methodology approach, ProDiscover Forensic allows the examination of files without altering valuable metadata such as last-time accessed. ProDiscover Forensic can recover deleted files, examine slack space, access Windows Alternate Data Streams, and dynamically allow a preview, search, and image-capture of the Hardware Protected Area (HPA) of the disk utilizing its own pioneered technology. It is not possible to hide data from ProDiscover Forensic because it reads the disk at the sector level. ProDiscover Forensic allows a search through the entire disk for keywords, regular expressions, and phrases with full Boolean search capability to find the necessary data. Hash comparison capability can be used to find known illegal files or to weed out known-good files, such as standard operating system files, by utilizing the included Hashkeeper database from the National Drug Intelligence Center. ProDiscover Forensic’s powerful search capability is fast and flexible, allowing a search for words or phrases anywhere on the disk, including the slack space. The extensive online help capability and easy-to-use GUI interface make  ProDiscover Forensic startup process simple and easy. Count on the ARC Group and ProDiscover to safely handle all of your security concerns.      

We are pleased to announce that the ProDiscover family has a new home. It will be incorporated into a new Product.

For those customers who have active subscriptions, we will continue to support ProDiscover until your subscription expires.