ProDiscover® Incident Response Edition

ProDiscover Incident Response Edition
ProDiscover Incident Response Edition software is a proactive, reactive, and interactive computer forensic investigation and information security tool. It enables investigators to quickly and thoroughly examine a live computer operating anywhere on a network. Moreover, if a threat is found, ProDiscover Incident Response can help stop the threat right then and there within minutes of an alert. ProDiscover Incident Response utilizes a “patent pending” technology and process called Connect Collect Protect. ™  This process, during a data breach or security issue, allows the user to connect to a system, collect data in a forensically sound manner to assess the situation, and in the case of Windows 7 systems or higher, protects the system. The ProDiscover Incident Response process and technology are “Patent Pending” so no other network forensic software deploys this process to date. ProDiscover Incident Response utilizes a “SMART AGENT” that is a removable, revocable, on-demand agent to connect to a computer on the network. In other words, it does not have to be installed and running all the time. You install the “SMART AGENT” when needed and remove the agent when done. ProDiscover Incident Response uses its own trusted application programming interface (API) eliminating the possibility that malware will hide from our software. These API’s can also be programmed to interact with existing solutions for a wide range of automated responses. New ProDiscover purchases come with robust malware discovery hash sets developed by WetStone Technologies, a leader in malware discovery. Existing users can purchase this set for a nominal fee. ProDiscover Incident Response allows users to deal with a live threat through isolation, containment, lockout, or shut down. Every action taken utilizes our less destructive methods approach with computer forensics in mind. These actions are recorded in our “patent pending” “ELECTRONIC DEPOSITION FILE” or EDEP file for short.
How is ProDiscover Incident Response Priced?
-ProDiscover Incident Response Edition is extremely affordable. There is NO PER SEAT CHARGE. -ProDiscover Incident Response includes the first year’s maintenance upon purchase. -ProDiscover Incident Response Software allows for three installs with one user. Call for Quote -ProDiscover Incident Response Site Software allows for ten installs with five users. Call for Quote -ProDiscover Incident Response Enterprise Software allows for twenty installs in a single country with ten users. Call for Quote -Each purchase of ProDiscover Incident Response includes one, five, or ten non-refundable, non-transferable online basic training course depending on the type of licence purchased. At The ARC Group, the ProDiscover Incident Response solution is designed with your security in mind. Click On The Links Below for Product Information

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We are pleased to announce that the ProDiscover family has a new home. It will be incorporated into a new Product.

For those customers who have active subscriptions, we will continue to support ProDiscover until your subscription expires.