The ARC Group believes training is an essential part of every software deployment, and we offer clients a ProDiscover® Basic class as part of the investment. For each purchase of ProDiscover Incident Response or ProDiscover Forensics software, we provide a non-transferable ProDiscover Online Basic Course. The ARC Group’s philosophy holds to cost-effective solutions that corporate managers can appreciate. We provide effective, workable training solutions that align with business continuity and budget considerations. Companies save the cost of travel expenses with our online platform for quality training, and students can work from any remote home or office location to increase their security credentials. The ARC Group training offering can be completed over eight months at the individual pace of each participant, for a seamless and flexible opportunity that won’t affect your productivity or staffing. ARC occasionally hosts live classes and conducts on-site classes upon request. Please view our News & Events section, or contact us at for more information about these classes. The ARC Group is looking out for your protection, and we aim to create ProDiscover professionals out of your cyber security team.

We are pleased to announce that the ProDiscover family has a new home. It will be incorporated into a new Product.

For those customers who have active subscriptions, we will continue to support ProDiscover until your subscription expires.