About Us

Who We Are

The ARC Group of New York is a unique cyber security company that originated from a 169-year tradition of service to “enforce the laws, preserve peace, reduce fear, and provide a safe environment.” The founder, Anthony Reyes, is a retired member of the largest and earliest police department in the United States. As a member of the New York City Police Department, commonly referred to as the NYPD, Anthony rose through the ranks and was promoted to Detective for his investigative skills. As a member of this world-renowned group of elite investigators, Anthony was assigned to the Special Investigation Division’s Computer Crime Unit. During his tenure in this unit, Anthony established himself as an expert in the field of cybercrime investigation globally. He was called upon to lead sophisticated, complicated investigations that were confidential in nature. Upon his retirement, Anthony was determined to transfer his experience and skillsets to serve the corporate world. As the Chief Executive Officer of the ARC Group of New York, Anthony has recruited some of the worlds most recognized cyber security experts. Collectively, the ARC Group has been called upon to consult, investigate, and remediate some of the largest criminal and civil cases in cyber history. Respectful of client privacy, the ARC Group performs many of these tasks in confidence, without public exposure. The ARC Group’s body of clients includes medical device and chemical manufacturers, financial and government institutions, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, legal entities, and more.

What We Do

The ARC Group of New York provides a finite skillset for a limited number of services from which our clients can select. We focus on what we do best, which is to collect data, investigate data related issues, and protect data. The ARC Group can handle an intellectual property theft or a data breach in a manner that is accurate and reliable. We instill confidence in our clients that the job will be done right. By using patent pending customizable tools and industry standards the ARC Group founder helped forge, we create solutions and solve cases. From litigation support to data protection, the ARC Group ensures that every process is repeatable, reliable and verifiable.

Why Choose ARC

By choosing the ARC Group of New York, you add credibility and value to your project. The ARC Group always deploys seasoned industry-proven experts at modest prices, and we are fully licensed and insured. When it comes to your data, a missed step or weakness in your process could have catastrophic results. A data breach is no time for half measures, and you only have one chance to get it right. Let the ARC Group of New York help you get it right the first time around!