ARC Assist’s Organizational Data Breach Victims

The ARC Group of New York to Assist Organizational Victims of Data Breach

In response to the recent rise in data breach incidents, The ARC Group of New York offers victim companies 50% off of its ProDiscover® Incident Response product line. New York, NY – September 11, 2014 – Due to the recent rise in the number of incidents involving data exfiltration from public and private computer network systems, The ARC Group of New York has offered to reduce its ProDiscover® Incident Response product line pricing in half to victim companies that have a verifiable breach. The United States is the biggest end user of computer systems in the world. These systems have become the arteries of our nation’s infrastructure and Americans utilize them heavily in their daily lives. We rely on them for everything from healthcare to finance, as well as the defense of our Nation against those individuals and countries that seek to harm us. As a result of having the largest computer user base in the world, we are automatically the largest target for cyber criminals and terrorists. The recent Home Depot breach is just another example of how susceptible our citizens are when cybercrimes occur. For these reasons, Information Security Professionals must work together to combat these types of threats. “Having personally survived the attacks on The World Trade Center, and after seeing the effects of determined terrorists, I cannot sit idly by and watch our country continue to be a target of these cyber-attacks. For this reason I have committed my company and all of its resources to assist organizations in securing their systems and protecting their information” states Anthony Reyes, retired NYPD and CEO of The ARC Group of New York.

About ProDiscover Incident Response Edition

ProDiscover Incident Response Edition software is a proactive, reactive, and interactive computer forensic investigation and information security tool distributed solely by The ARC Group of New York. It enables investigators to quickly and thoroughly examine a live computer operating anywhere on a network. Moreover, if a threat is found, ProDiscover Incident Response can help stop the threat right then and there within minutes of an alert. ProDiscover Incident Response utilizes a “patent pending” technology and process called Connect Collect Protect. ™ This process, during a data breach or security issue, allows the user to connect to a system, collect data in a forensically sound manner to assess the situation, and in the case of Windows 7 systems or higher, protects the system. For more information please visit  

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