Computer Forensics

Finding Facts, Where Others Have Failed

With the ARC Group’s computer forensics professionals and the right software tools, we help you locate and examine evidence within your digital media that you may need for a security situation. Our state-of-the-art computer forensics tools are used to identify, recover, analyze, present, and preserve facts needed for the resolution of computer issues as well as for legal proceedings. The ARC Group is comprised of qualified professionals who possess the skillsets to capture important static and dynamic data that may be needed to resolve a cyber issue. We rely on a cutting-edge software tool called ProDiscover® Forensic, and other software as needed, to locate and examine data that can ultimately protect you and your company in most cyber security situations. We have performed structured investigations that identify valuable evidence for hundreds of clients, and we stand behind a proven track record for success in enterprise security resolution. When security issues arise, we follow a comprehensive process for locating and documenting relevant evidence, especially evidence that may be needed in a legal case. The ARC Group has been involved in high-level global computer forensics for over seventeen years, and we understand the process behind effective computer forensics. You are in the best state of security with the blended years of expertise by our seasoned team, the use of leading software tools, and the professional services offered by the ARC Group. Let the ARC Group find the missing facts toward the resolution of your security issue.