Cyber Security

ARC The Guardians of Data

The ARC Group of New York cyber security solutions are designed to alleviate your most critical concerns over potential electronic threats. Our cyber security strategy covers all of the bases, and our team of cyber security experts, police force veterans, and seasoned investigators understand exactly how to respond and react to your security issues. We have the experience and the toolsets to collect valid data, investigate your issues, and protect your information and your enterprise. Our cyber security strategy is based on a phased approach for an all-inclusive investigation and successful outcome using a number of strategies, technologies, and services to ensure the integrity of your operations:

Electronic Threat and Vulnerability Assessment—Team based assessment to identify vulnerabilities within the environment, the impacts they may have, and the appropriate responses

Risk Analysis—Analyze and identify potential security hazards and threats that could adversely affect your business

Audit Systems—A thorough review of networks and systems to determine the presence of security issues that leave companies vulnerable

Intellectual Property Protection—A secure approach to identifying and protecting your intellectual property including any trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and more

Proactive Insider Threat Detection—Ability to proactively monitor and identify insider threats using cutting-edge technology

Computer Forensics Program Development—Custom computer forensics operations to locate discovery data and take action before security issues arise

Expert Forensics Peer Review Program—Work together with peers in computer forensics to fully benefit from state-of-the-art software tools and features

Rely on the ARC Group of New York for brilliant minds and state-of-the-art technology to address and resolve your cyber security issues and concerns. With the ARC Group, your security is in the hands of the experts.