Incident Response

We’re There When You Need Us Most

The ARC Group is your first choice for incident response. The ARC Group has been instrumental in the development, formulation, and shaping of the approach to incident response since its inception. Handling incidents for over 20 years, the ARC Group is trained and skilled in managing any cyber attack or security breach.

Onsite Incident Response

If you discover a cyber related incident such as an attack, breach of data, espionage, or threat, our team is trained to seamlessly handle your incident from initiation to remediation or provide you with the autonomy to manage your situation. We offer assistance to start the response process for you or completely manage an impending or occurring incident. Our team knows exactly what to do in any situation. Rely on the ARC Group to provide immediate, first-rate incident response services. For onsite incident response services, please contact us by telephone.

Incident Response Hotline

When you need immediate incident response, the ARC Group of New York is standing by to react to any security situation. Our team of skilled and trained consultants is available by phone service on a 24/7 basis—anytime of the day or night—to assist you in formulating a response. Our emergency room concept for telephone incident response is designed to triage your situation until your IT staff gathers enough information to decide the next course of action. ARC Incident Response Hourly Phone Support