Litigation Support

Sending a minor league player into the World Series is never the best option 

When everything you’ve worked hard for is on the line and you have only one shot at getting it right, relying on the ARC Group is the right choice. The ARC Group gives 110% percent to help you win your case. The ARC Group helps individuals, companies, lawyers, and law firms find, analyze, organize, and review electronic data for use in judicial proceedings. We sift through data, locating only relevant information, in a manner that is efficient and cost effective for our clients. While there are no simple solutions for addressing large amounts of electronically stored information, the ARC Group’s methods used in both civil and criminal cases have demonstrated proven results for clients time and time again. Unlike a typical e-discovery firm, the ARC Group’s team of investigators are world renown for finding data exfiltration and identifying data manipulation, destruction, and obfuscation. The ARC Group has been responsible for helping clients win hundreds of millions of dollars and has assisted with some of the largest and most complex cases globally.

Electronic Case Coordination—Rather than outsource your entire case, if you already have in-house forensic capabilities, we can assist you in supervising your case.

Electronic Discovery—We can search your systems or network with a targeted approach for custodians of data, thus reducing non-relevant data, saving you time and money.

Electronic Device Forensics—We can extract data from many non-computer devices like iPhone, iPads, iPods, tablets, GPS systems, CCTV systems, and more.

Electronic Case Review Program—If your team has already completed the forensics work, you can allow our experienced court experts to make sure you haven’t missed a step.

Expert Testimony—Our courtroom tested experts are available to assist you in presenting your case in a manner that is professional, articulate, and coherent.

The ARC Group offers the litigation support that may make a difference in your future.